Fullback Foam Panel

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32.00 LBS
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100 Square Feet
All Foamback requires 1 1/2 J-channel
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Fullback Foam Panel


Save energy, reduce outside noise and cut heating and cooling costs by up to 20% by using this insulated foam backer with Foundry specialty siding. The Fullback foam backer's solid gapless fit provides insulation and helps eliminate drafts and hot or cold air pockets. In fact, it offers more than triple the R-value of other siding systems.

Fullback foam panels offer resistance against weather, wind and termites, and are treated with a fire retardant. What's more, the system provides superior impact resistance and the feel of solid wood.

Combining Foundry siding and Fullback foam panels creates a sustainable solution that helps qualify homes for LEED, ENERGY STAR and other green building certifications.

Does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals and can be recycled.

Install with any Foundry 7" exposure panels.