Foundry - 10 Inch Staggered Shake

$335.00 - $369.00
The Foundry
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54.00 LBS
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23 Panels / 100 Sq. Ft
Panel Dimensions:
10" Exposure / 62 1/2" Length
Sold by:
Box / Square
Nominal Thickness:
Recommended J-Channel Size:
1 Inch
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Staggered Shake

 The imperfect butt-ends of keyways of our Staggered Shakies can add the perfect rustic charm to any home.  Full of depth and character, the Staggered Shake are available in the 10 inch exposure to further accentuate the long, dramatic vertical grain.  Foundry Staggered Shake is our most rustic and bold profile.  Whereas all other panels only protrude 5/8 of an inch from the wall, the staggered shake protrudes a full 7/8 of an inch from the wall.  This gives the appearance of a bold shadow line.  Bold shadow lines give depth, dimension and texture to the exterior of your home

Note: Colors may be shown on split shake, but are also available in staggered shake. Actual colors may vary from those represented on screen.