Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make an inside corner?
We do not at this time. Our customers have been using either a single J-channel or double J-channel since the beginning.

Is the manufacturer?
No is simply a distributor. This manufacturer will not sell directly to the public. It properly screens prospective distributors to determine if they meet the criteria to become an approved distributor.

Where are the installation instructions?
Installing Staggered Shakes, Split Shakes or Shingles, <a href=""><span style="color:#804040;">Download Here</span></a>.
Installing Shapes, <a href=""><span style="color:#804040;">Download Here</span></a>.

Which should I use 3/4 J-Channel or 1" J-Channel?
If you are purchasing a Staggered Shake, You will need a 1" J-channel. The Staggered Shake is more rugged and rigid than the other panels, therefore you will need a wider J-channel to fit them into.

How much is shipping?
There is no shipping charge in the continental United States. We will ship elsewhere, please <a href=""><span style="color:#800040;">e-mail</span></a> us for shipping quotes?

How is your siding packaged?
All Siding is packaged 1 square per box except for shapes and 7 inch staggered shake. All shapes are packaged 1/2 Square per box. Please see product page for more information.

Am I charged sales tax?
We do not charge sales tax unless your reside in Alabama.

What materials are vinyl cedar shingles made from?
Vinyl cedar is manufactured using 100% high-grade vinyl, formulated with special UV inhibitors and other ingredients that give it superior resistance to sun, heat, and cold.

How does it hold up in high winds?
Tests show that properly installed vinyl cedar siding materials withstands winds in excess of 150 mph, making it an excellent choice for the Gulf Coast and other areas where hurricanes and high winds can damage ordinary siding.