Foundry Limestone

The Foundry
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12 Panels per Carton / 50 Sq. Ft.
Panel Dimensions:
10" Exposure / 62" Length
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Foundry Limestone Siding


Manufactured using molds cast from real stone, Foundry limestone vinyl siding offers the rugged detail, surface character and vibrant color of hand-cut limestone. Ceramic microspheres are incorporated into the material to impart a subtle grittiness and give the product a more authentic feel.

From full walls to building skirts and other applications, use Foundry limestone panels for a hand-cut, hand-laid masonry appearance. Unlike actual stone and stone veneer siding, Foundry limestone is durable and efficient to install. Plus, it's moisture-resistant, so it can be applied all the way to ground.

Year after year, Foundry vinyl stone holds its rich color, thanks to a durable ASA cap that protects against UV rays and the elements. What's more, Foundry siding is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and provides the highest level of fire resistance and toughness to stand up to any environment.